25 Jul 2012

Die Vraag na Die Antwoord?

I was cruising the net as I tend to do and I stumbled across this singing act, Die Vraag.  They have a very snazzy video and a tune called Dankie Vir Die Anwoord (Maar Wat Was Die Vraag)

It's obviously a spoof of Die Antwoord who appear to be setting the world alight.  Although I don't really get their music and am not familiar with the trailer trash culture, I'm happy for them and their success is in some way a victory for the small guy/alternative culture.  I hope Die Vraag find their audience too.  If you are not Afrikaans literate like me, you could always read the English translation while watching the video to keep up with what's being said.

I couldn't help but notice that their translation of the word umlungu (above) could use some improvement: a) it's not a slur a) it's not only used by black South Africans.  In much the same way that anyone (regardless of their skin colour) uttering the words "a white person" is not expressing contempt for them.  If I had been asked to offer a translation (and I wouldn't mind doing it, for free)  it would have gone something like this: a Nguni word for "white person".  I'm not exactly doing this for altruistic reasons, I'm trying to avoid getting my head kicked in the next time I say "umlungu".


  1. Umlungu is a racial slur you idiot...

  2. Umlungu IS a racial slur... Have you been living under a rock the past 3 years?


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