22 Jul 2012

Julius Malema disses JZ in a mixtape

There's no middle ground with Julius Malema. He's either for you or against you. You don't have to look too far back in history to find the evidence. When he decided that Thabo Mbeki had become surplus to requirements he made his feeling known and announced what was to be done about it.

 Thabo Mbeki stepped down and the man he had pledged his willingness to die for some time prior was installed into the top job. Time moved on and after a couple of very public altercation which culminated in him being expelled from the Party he calls home, he has decided that the man he helped propel to the perch has overstayed his welcome too.

He delivered a very spirited speech in the North West recently where essentially spilled the bills on the inner workings of the ruling party and went on to let loose on what he really thinks on JZ.  I couldn't help but draw parallel with Nas and Jay-z which resulted in the former recording Ether where he went on to reveal how close he used to be to Jay but whatever his talents, he's not in his league.  This is the resulting mixtape I made for the dear leader for which I hope to be rewarded when he finally descends to power in a decade's time.

At least now Juju will have something to play when he celebrates slaying yet another dragon.  Or he might just decide that there's a lot of money to be made in public speaking and rapping.  That would come as a relief to the white minority who are hoarding all the delicious money for themselves.

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