23 Jul 2012

If it's not on twitter, it didn't happen

Hot on the hills of the news that Russell Brand has unfollowed Katy Perry on twitter after their marriage ended, we learned that the President really misses Idols when he's out of the country doing Presidential stuff.

The news also insists on telling us who has twitted what.  Celebrities have embraced the micro blogging site too with constant updates ranging from what they had for breakfast to how fabulous their lives are.  If you had told me when I was a kid that one day I could write in real time to my favourite footballer or film actor, I would have laughed you off and dismissed you as insane.  But these days you could do just that all day if you so wished.  A few of them have bee caught trying to sell their unsuspecting fan products for money without clearly stating that the tweets were adverts too.

Nowadays a declaration by a celebrity that they are not on twitter is usually greeting with sharp intakes of breath.  So much so that when Elton John did just that to The Sun, media outlets around the world felt sufficiently moved to share their disbelief and shock with their readers.  Mr John insists that it is purely in the interest of self-preservation as he's certain he'd end up in prison were he to have a platform to spout off on current events.  Quite right too, people have gone to prison for what they've said on twitter.

I really think there has to be a certain amount of mystique about artists and people who entertain for a living. I doubt that this "putting everything out there" culture is making entertainers seem human as we always get told.  They are not human, they're are people who have a compulsion to perform in front of upwards of millions of people, which I'd imagine goes against every fibre of the human body.  

In any case, I fear we're now living in the age of "if it's not on twitter, it didn't happen".

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