29 Jul 2012

Jacob Zuma the top dog

Credit: City Press

City Press reports this morning that Jacob Zuma is the highest paid elected head of state "per capita" in the world.

Well, as well as a news article that looks like it was written by a 10 year old can report.  Maybe it's a slow news day but how did "After the latest 5.5% increase President Jacob Zuma's annual salary is now R2 622 561", coming immediately after the suggestion that our President now topping other heads of states in the earnings charts after beating Britain (sic) in rugby and cricket, make it past the subs?

The line suggests that he only started to "top the salary stakes" after the 5.5% increase, which is not the case if he's out earning Obama five fold and Cameron by R634 000.  But that's by the bye, what's we should really take away from this is that if you get yourself in a position to be President of South Africa not only do you get to approve your own pay raise, you could also make yourself the highest paid President in the world without so much as an appraisal of his tenure.  Even he couldn't give he couldn't assess his time in office when asked to.

What is clear, however, is that getting the top job and not doing anything is very easy in this country, probably as easy as getting your unedited words published in the pages of the best selling Sunday newspaper.

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