31 Jul 2012

Zara Phillips has won an Olympic medal for ...

Zara Phillips's team won the Silver medal today for a "sport" nobody has ever heard of and doesn't really look like a sport.  It's something called venting (dressage, horse ballet, equestrian) pick whichever makes you sound posher than you actually are.  It's about horses jumping over hurdles and that's it.

Spare a thought for the other team members because they barely get mentioned in reports until around the last paragraph with possible exception for Paul Dacre's net graffitti.  It's also an opportunity for statisticians to remind everyone that she's the first Royal to win an Olympic medal, a correction for the parroted line that her mother, Princess Anne has won it when she, in fact, won an Olympic Championships medal.

Hopefully internet meanies (see picture above) will stop poking fun at her looks.  Did we really need to be told who's the horse?  I'd imagine High Kingdom, the horse is very upset by the caption.

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