24 Jul 2012

Zuma does what he does best, offer excuses

President Jacob Zuma, turned up at  Talk Radio 702 yesterday for a previously postponed interview with Redi Tlhabi.  It was originally supposed to take place a fortnight ago but was postponed at the behest of the presidency.  Maybe it's a coincidence it was around the same time Julius Malema went started going on a rampage and trashed the President.

It looks like the Primedia capitalised on the President's visit to their building if this video is anything to go by.  It's a pity they couldn't stop this guy before he weaseled his way to the cake cutting picture.  To the interview itself.  What struck me the most was how evasive he was.  Asked how he would assess his tenure so far, the best he could come up with was "I did my best".  He also appeared to blame apartheid for the shockingly clumsy way with which the delivery of textbooks in Limpopo was handled recently and maintained the usual "personal life" line when questioned about his polygamous lifestyle.

More lucid and informed people have written at length about the interview but on a personal level I can't believe that a man so devoid any self awareness and seemingly the enormity of the job he volunteered for is in charge of a country, and I'm beginning to see where Julius Malema was coming from when he criticised him in his speech.  It wouldn't be so difficult to listen to Malema if he wasn't partly responsible for installing Zuma in the firs place.

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