20 Aug 2012

2oceansvibe reveals twitter accounts with "fake" followers

Hot in the heels of the Dewberry report, which revealed that the online streaming radio listening figures that the high profile outfits were boasting were the work of fiction, the South African e-commerce sector looks set to be heading for another showdown.

This time, 2oceansvibe has conducted an investigation using a tool called status people and uncovered a number of local ad agency calibrated twitter accounts whose follower numbers seem to be artificially enhanced.  Of course the people concerned are going to plead ignorance and some people might even question 2oceansvibe's motives but this one looks like it's going to run and run.  If anything, it's hardly going to inspire the confidence of media buyers who are still skeptical of the cyberspace as a viable medium.

And unlike the last scandal to rock the online community I don't think this one will be quelled with the promise of DMMA intervention.  We'll watch the space.

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