18 Aug 2012

Adam Curry predicts failure for Nick Grimshaw as successor to Chis Moyles

Outgoing Radio 1 breakfast DJ Chris Moyles (left), successor Nick Grimshaw (right)

Adam Curry is a broadcasting genius.  He started in the early doing radio in the 80s, was one of the founding VJs on MTV - he was interviewed at length and quoted in the book I want my MTV  - was one of the first people to do a podcast and was rightfully crowned The Podfather.  So when he expressed his opinion on Chris Moyles' axing as a Radio 1 breakfast host while I was listening to the latest episode of No Agenda, my ears pricked up.

Adam understands the medium and when he talks people ought to listen.  This is the man who called into The Howard Stern Show and offered him $100 million to defect to his online broadcasting company when Stern's initial Sirius contract was drawing to a close in 2010.  Back to Moyles.  Although I only listened to his show sporadically, I felt aggrieved by his axing because it was one of very few radio talk shows that is not about immigration or David Beckham right foot.  And the reason I don't think Grimshaw will prevail is I think he's lightweight and according to his cheerleaders, The Guardian, he loves music and has a lot of celebrity friends.  That about says it all.  I can understand BBC Trust wanting to lower the average age of the Radio 1 listener but I have a feeling this is going to drive oldies like me away.

Adam being the veteran that he is feels doing away with sung jingles will be the undoing of Grimshaw's breakfast show.  Whatever the reason, I say hello Greg James breakfast show within twelve months.

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