14 Aug 2012

Gotye finally embraces Somebodies that he used to know

For a long time I've thought that Gotye's Somebody That I Used To Know was beginning to suffer from the James Bunt You're Beautiful syndrome:  Getting played by all pop radio stations twenty four times a day to the point where you want to jump off a bridge everytime you hear it.

It's also very susceptible to internet jokers and pranksters.  And it may well be the most "youtube covered" song of all time (I have no actual proof of this and have no idea where you'd go to look for it but that's never stopped me before).  Artists tend not to have a sense of humour about it but Gotye seems to be taking it in his stride.  He compiled the above video remixing some of his favourite covers and it's been very well received. Here's a link to the list of all his videos and here's one to the tutorial by Barry.

It's great to see a recording artists embracing the internet and endearing himself to the audience in an industry that only seems hellbent to extract dollars out of their audience, whatever the cost.

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