28 Aug 2012

Prince Harry finds support in net exhibitionist service comrades

After being deluged with outrage for a week for doing what every single guy in his 20s with an endless supply of cash would do, get drunk, get naked and play sex games with young blondes, Prince Harry may have felt lonely and neglected.  But his fellow serviceman are stepping up to show him support.  The Sun reports that a facebook group that encourages members of the armed forces to strip and upload their photos to show their support for the ginger Prince has clocked well over 12 000 members.

Click here to go to the group's photos section

So, it looks like after Rupert Murdoch tried to use the incident to throw his weight around and flip a bird to the Leveson enquiry and then appeared to offer the Prince advise on how to avoid the debacle in the future, it looks like the status quo remains.

Oh Harry, take us to Vegas with you next time, we'll do a better job of ensuring that cameras and phones don't make it to the "restricted area".

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