9 Aug 2012

Robert Harting shows us how to celebrate like a boss

Usain Bolt eat your heart out, there's a new kid in town.  Robert Harting has set the bar rather high when it comes to celebrating an Olympic gold medal.

The German discus champion ripped his shirt ala The Incredible Hulk before launching into a hurdle negotiating victory lap around the Olympic stadium.  It's reported this morning that he enjoyed a few well earned ales on his afterwards, fell asleep on a train and getting robbed of his Olympic village accreditation and getting refused entry at the village.  Sports people are so choreographed and PRd these days that if you didn't know any better, you'd thing they were running for public office so it's always refreshing to see one who bulks the trend every now and then and show their real emotion not only when they lose but when they win too.  Not that there's been a shortage of that at this year's Olympics.

He later tweeted a photo of himself posing with his gold medal so it would appear all is well.  Robert Harting, we speak your name Sir.

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