1 Aug 2012

Snoop Dogg "Reincarnated" as Snoop Lion

If a man who's notorious for smoking weed, pimping bitches and dealing drugs was to be reformed, see the error of his ways and find "spiritual enlightenment", what religion do you think he'd be more likely to opt for?  If the man you're talking about is the artist formerly know as Snoop Dogg, then Rastafarian is the religion he'd go for although he denies that it's a religion and chooses to refer to it as a way of life.

Snoop now goes by Snoop Lion and is doing Reggae now.  Of course the ability to smoke weed willy nilly and the ability to have your way with women of the faith had nothing to do with the decision.  You can never begrudge people for pursuing happiness and "spiritual fulfilment", I love these words, but this smacks of a career reboot by the ageing rapper.  The battles with law enforcement are not the draw they used to be and Dr Dre is chilling at home with his millions so something had to be done.

I'm going to reminisce while listen to Doggy Style and wonder what sexual innuendo could be spun off a lion.  Somehow I don't think Lion Style quite trips off the tongue.

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