26 Sept 2012

£40 million to seduce a billionaire's daughter

If you're in a seductive mood, are a man and think that your game is at it's best and you could use £40 million, may I suggest you fly to Hong Kong where billionaire, Cecil Chao promises to unite you with the money if you can convince his 33 year old daughter to marry you.

There's, however, a snag:  Ms Chao is not exactly heterosexual and she's already spoken for.  Not that Mr Chao recognizes any of these huge obstacles to his plan as he's said to have announced this morning that his daughter is still single.  It's a shame he can't use his money to buy the basic understanding of human sexuality.

In the unlikely event that you make this journey and Ms Chao is so enamoured with you she agrees to walk down the isle with you, you are happy to be in a sexless marriage and the old man doesn't die of happiness and lives long enough to keep his end of the bargain, all I ask for is a 90% finders fee.  And this is a binding contract.

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