27 Sept 2012

Attention female friends: This is how I want to be honoured when I'm gone

Pic credit: facebook.com/GameBirdsCalendar2013

Rich Warr was a Prince among men, if the affection his 24 female friends have for him is anything to go by.  Mr Warr did in a car crash last year and to honour him his female friends are bearing it all in a calendar aptly named Game Birds, a reference to his fondness for hunting.

The proceeds from the sales of the calendar go their local air ambulance service in the English countryside so if you buy it you'd be contributing to a good course and it would make buying it easy to explain to your significant other.  If, however, you just want to buy it so you can leer at the women, you have my permission and I believe all the money goes to the same place.

If any of my female friends read this: 1. I'd like this to happen now please - so I can still see it;  2. There's a very strong possibility that I'm immortal, so again, now please.

Read the lamestream media account here.

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