26 Sept 2012

Great Thursday Tune: Fulka - Dancing In Our Darkest Days

Pic credit: facebook.com/fulkaband

I've arrogantly proclaimed in the past that music reached the zenith in the '70s and the '80s and that the current bunch might as well give up.  Obviously that was a bit of a hyperbolic statement but the sentiment remains.  But every now and then, I come across a band whose music hits a cord and make me want to review my position; off the top of my head Paolo Nutini, Bruno Mars, Matthew P, Grizzly Bear, Banda Magda, Molotov Jukebox, Mumford and Sons and Spoek Mathambo to mention a few.  Well, it's happened again.

For my new discovery, I go back home to Pretoria.  It's a band called Fulka and they describe themselves as Polish inspired.  If I was a music reviewer, I'd be concocting some cock-and-bull story supposedly from my past that is metaphorically represented by this album.  But I'm not and there's no story; it just touches me like any well made piece of art is supposed to: in a very profound and personal manner.

Their last album,  has been out for two years now and I'm assuming it didn't see any radio play seeing as it shares no characteristics with Lady Gaga, Justin Bieberlake and Rihanna; i work on the radio, I know the score.

According to their facebook page, they're working on their next album which I shall eagerly await.  In the mean, I encourage you to listen to listen to this album on Soundcloud and head over to i-tunes to purchase it.  I know when Al Gore invented the internet, he said it will be the source of free stuff from porn to your neighbour's old matress, but don't steal it.  It will be worth every penny.

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