19 Sept 2012

Rick Ross' Hold Me Back video angers Nigerians

Rick Ross - the fat former prison warder-turned-rapper who's said to have adopted the identity of a Los Angeles drug dealer who was facing the death penalty to bolster his street cred - is taking a kicking online for the music video he shot while he was in Nigeria.

I think Rick just wanted to go to "the motherland and get in touch with his roots" but it looks like it's backfired.  The common refrain seems to be that the video is "negative" because it shows the slums and the people living in abject poverty and ignores the  flashy areas of Lagos where people are "living it up".  

So world, just so we're clear:  Here in africa, we may have poor people living a stone's throw away from filthy rich people but that's not for you to see, it's for us.  When you're here, we want you to stay in 5 star hotels, eat at Mcdonalds, shop at our malls, go to our clubs and make it rain and go back home.

I'm glad we've cleared that up.  Oh, and please get your government to send us foreign aid money so we can help poor people that we don't want you to see.

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