16 Sept 2012

Snoop Lion Message to Serena Williams

Eh, I thought Snoop was now a spiritual, saved, changed, reggae and peaceful man.  When he made the announcement that he was now leaving his old gangsta ways behind it looked like he was denouncing the whole "gang culture."

The cynic in me thought he was just trying to resuscitate a stagnated career by attracting attention to himself and positioning himself as a new beacon of morality.  It looks like I may have been right, Snoop Dogg/Lion is the same old G, if this video of him congratulating Serena Williams on winning her the Wimbledon championship and the gold medal at the London Olympics.

Except that's not what this video's about.  It's about here doing a crip walk - a dance associated with his former Long Beach gang with the same name - and the words are just a cover story in case lame stream media get hysterical.  This fills me with confidence that there may just be a proper Snoop album in the horizon.

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