23 Oct 2012

Gervais slapped down by writer

Source: kenlevine.blogspot.com

As somebody who enjoys Ricky Gervais' work, it was curious to read measured criticism of his MO from a fellow fan, the man whose blog I read everyday, Ken Levine.

It's also worth noting that he speaks from experience having written some on some of the best sitcoms of the past 30 years,  read his credits on the right hand side of his blog.  I enjoy both gentlemen's work but i think a little criticism, especially when it comes from somebody as distinguished as Levine will do not ham.

This may be an unpopular blog post. I’m sure I’ll be accused of being old and cranky and to those I say, “I am not. And get off my lawn!” But Ricky Gervais’ act has gotten old.

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