25 Oct 2012

How to dispute a false newspaper story by James Blunt

Credit: facebook.com/jamesblunt

Although he makes unremarkable and cheesy songs James Blunt appears to be a quality fellow.  Not only did he single handedly prevent World War III but he's very good at handling the media circus that comes with being a pop star.

It was no different when the Mail on Sunday took a comment he made on the red carpet somewhere and blew it up as a huge announcement that he was quitting the music business.  The world and his wife joined in with bad jokes about what a "beautiful" decision it was.  Even geeks summoned the courage to vacate their mums' basement to let the world know that they too were cool, safe in the knowledge that a bigger pariah was currently being lampooned.

But instead of running to the publicist and drafting a statement to deny the news, Mr Blunt replied with a two sentence quip via his facebook page.

Well played captain.

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