25 Oct 2012

The great Thursday tune: Gabrielle - Rise

Pic Credit: facebook.com/Gabrielle.music

I had not heard this tune in the last 5 years until it came through came through in my Spotify shuffle yesterday and I've been humming it ever since.  I now believe I'm in love with this woman.  No, I don't like her, I'm talking elope love, stay in bed all day listening to music kind of love.  Rise is the title track of Gabrielle's third album with the same name released in 1999 and it peaked at number 1 in the UK and Irish singles chart.

Thanks to the internet, I'm now also in possession of some trivia:  that the humm samples Bob Dylan's Knock knock on heavens door.  Bob is notoriously difficult with allowing his songs to be sampled but apparently he loved Rise so much he let Gabrielle sample it for free.

According to her website, she's working on another album which will be released next year.



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