11 Oct 2012

The Great Thursday Tune: Tinashe - Zambezi

I'm going to have to take back something I wrote not very long ago.  I said that music reached his peak in the 70's and 80's and then went on to somehow qualify my bold statement here a few weeks ago.  But this week I discovered Tinashe, a Zimbabwean-born London based musician, whose music finally convinced me retract that statement altogether.

He released a great album Saved two years ago and, seeing as I've only just discovered it, it didn't get a lot of mainstream airplay.  The whole album is great but the two tunes that stick out for me are the title track Saved and Zambezi.  He's great live too, unlike the current shower of auto tune enthusiasts.  According to his twitter account he's working on a new album and I cannot wait.

He really is the last of the dying breed.  And as I always say, if we don't patronize these artists, they'll go away and all we'll be left with is Justin Bieber and Rihanna.

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