12 Nov 2012

MTN would rather your smartphone wasn't smart

Techcentral reports this morning that MTN is to throttle Blackberry Internet Service users.  The company claims that they're doing it to "make sure that users have an improved and always-on internet experience".  Yeah right!  Nothing to do with wanting to make more money then?

So if you're wed to MTN and have a Blackberry, say goodbye to everything that makes smartphones smart.
Here's the summary:
"In effect, the company is throttling or blocking certain types of data. This includes streaming, downloading of files, watching videos on YouTube or using voice-over-Internet protocol services like Skype, which MTN says “are not meant to done on the BlackBerry network”."
So, in short, MTN would rather you used your blackberry to check if your high school girlfriend got fat on Facebook, stalk celebrities on Twitter and send and receive text messages.

Are you listening Cell C and 8tada?

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