9 Nov 2012

The Great Thursday Tune: Macy Gray - Creep

When it comes to covers I'm of the opinion that some songs should never be covered.  Sometimes the original recording artist does such a good job and you give that song an identity you want to hang on to forever.

Radiohead belongs to that group whose work I've always believed needs no improvement or re-interpretation.   Macy Gray released an entire album of just covers of songs she likes.  Sublime, My Chemical Romance, Metallica and Eurythmics are among the artists she's dared to cover.

 But I reserve the right to change my mind sometimes.  And this is one of those times.  I've listened to the album a couple of times over the past six months, I find myself hitting repeat repeatedly at the end of track two - Radiohead's Creep.  She just owns it and reminds us of what she's capable of.

She's on a European tour until the new year.

You can pick up Macy Gray's album Covered here

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