22 Nov 2012

The Great Thursday Tune: Tracy Chapman - Fast Car

One of the greatest inventions to come with Spotify and such services is the "music discovery" function that analyses your taste and suggests artists that it's algorithm thinks you'll gravitate towards.  Some of the music it
throws up is new and some has been around for a while.

This week it gave me Tracy Chapman's Fast Car and I found myself listening to her self entitled debut album Tracy Chapman for hours immediately subsequently.  This is one of the most powerful album of the 80s and somehow I think she never matched the dizzy heights it achieved with her later work.  I think there's a good reason for that:  when people get to write and record their first album they're usually in their 20s and have as many years worth of experiences and feelings to draw from.  They are then expected to deliver a better album a 2 - 3 years later and more often than not, their efforts fall short.

But that heavens we live in the age of recorded and freely available music and we can listen to our hears' content.

According to Ms Chapman's website, she last toured in 2008 and I hope she does again soon.


Single:    Tracy Chapman - Fast Car
Album:   Tracy Chapman - Tracy Chapman

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