23 Dec 2012

Suzi Perry for BBCF1, oh yeah!

Perverts the world over were delighted when it was announced earlier this week that Suzi Perry is to replace Jake Humphrey as the BBC's Formula 1 host.  There's no doubt that Suzi will hold her own in her new role
but a cursory look a history will reveal that another Gadget Show alumni  member's attempt at sports presenting was less than successful.

No.  I don't think Suzi will shout "Jenson Button, good evening" as her sign off from a paddock at SPA. 

Ortis Deley presenting masterclass by yidioh

Nor do I think she'll forget Lee Mckenzie's name or struggle to carry the show to an extent that David Coulthard will have to take over the interviews.  But that was just another opportunity to have a giggle on Ortis Deley's expense.

One more thing: it would be a good idea to watch the BBC F1 coverage with one's pants off.

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