6 Dec 2012

The Great Thursday Tune: Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way

I had coffee with a former colleague of mine the other day.  I hadn't seen him since our last day at the now defunct radio station that used to air his show for which I was a producer.  Music dominated our conversation, particularly Fleetwood Mac.

Lindsey Buckingham cancelled an interview with us at the eleventh hour when they were in London in 2009,
because their show had sold out and "why the fuck would he go to some dingy radio studio when the job is done anyway".  That did not diminish our admiration of the man and but inspired me to coin a new bit: the shortest interview in the business.  We pretty much sing from the same him sheet on everything when it comes to The Mac from our affection for Stevie Nicks to Rumours being the best album of theirs, even though it was released before we were born.

But that where the chorus of agreement ends.  He thinks the best track in the album is Dreams and I think it's Go Your Own Way.  Having listened to it a couple of times since said conversation and this being my website, Go Your Own Way wins.  And the way Stevie and Lindsey look at each other everytime they perform it live is priceless.


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