15 Dec 2012

The Great Thursday Tune: Kerry Leatham - Crash and Burn

What's not to like about Kerry Leatham.  She's beautiful, talented and loves her music.  I first became aware of her when I was looking around for covers to feature on the then radio covers feature.

She and her "label mate", Peter Lyons, were covering Womack and Womack's Teardrops and that's no
mean feat.  As it happens, I couldn't feature them at the time because they're signed to a record label and the feature was strictly for unsigned artists.  But that didn't stop me from enjoying her music which she writes and performs with incredible regularity.  Her music has been featured in movies and TV shows too.

There's no reason this shouldn't be this week's Great Thursday Tune.


Peter and Kerry's EP - Clothes, Friends, Photos

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