28 Aug 2012

Want attention for your painting? Paint Zuma penis.

There was a huge brouhaha earlier this year when artist Brett Murray unveiled his painting of President Jacob Zuma with genitals exposed, The Spear.  There were protests, court actions, threats and climb downs and we thought that it had gone away.  It looks like we're back to tread that same water again.  The Cape Times reports that the AVA Gallery in Cape Town is currently festooned by another painting with Mr Zuma's privates.

You can expect this to be in the news for the next couple of weeks but there won't be the element of racism this time around as the artist is very black.  Defending his painting aptly named Umshini Wami and perhaps in mitigation, the artist, Ayanda Mabulu says:

“He is not naked; I did not paint him with an uncircum-cised penis. “This is a metaphor that shows he is not a boy; he is a man, an elder, a father, a leader,”
And then he goes into the whole spiel about how this is a metaphor for how the President's abandonment of the nation and reneging on his Presidential duties.  And I say bullshit.  This painting will get the ANC bigwigs' backs up and they'll go into bully boy mode and summon their sheeple supporters to march to the establishment where it's kept, threaten anyone who publishes it's photo with legal and the media will be there to capture it all and it wouldn't be bad for his paintings either.  Who knew of these penis painting artists before this whole debacle?

On the plus side, I now know who to contact in the unlikely event that I require a portrait of me with my privates in full display.  He really knows how to insult and flatter his subject in the same painting.  Either that or he ordered more paint than he needed.

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