12 Jan 2013

Advice for wannabe musos by a man who doesn't care

Advice can be loosely described as an opinion on what can or should be done.  You'd be surprised to learn that I wasn't around during cavemen days but I'd imagine advice was something you gave to your offspring when you deemed it necessary, solicited or not.  

But now that we're civilised and hand our kids to other people to educate and prepare for adult life, advice has become something of an industry.  There's no end of self-help books covering the everything from personal finance to how to breastfeed (I kid you not).  A lot of people make a lot of
money dispensing advice and some of it is good but some is just exhibitionist hogwash.

But there are people who do it for the love of it and one such person is Bob Lefsetz, a music insider who pulls no punches when he writes his free letter.  He doesn't answer to an editor or publicist and his advice is direct and uncensored.  Although I have no desire to go into the music business, I read it because a lost of what he writes can be applied to other endeavours too.

In his most recent letter he delivers a dose of reality to people who are starting out and to get a wider audience.  Read the rest of the letter here

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