20 Aug 2012

Survey: Brits oppose storming Embassy but want Assange to go to Sweden

Picture credit: wired.co.uk
Julian Assange emerged from the the balcony of the Ecuadorian Embassy yesterday where he's been holed up for two months, to say well nothing we didn't already know.  Earlier in the week it had been feared that the British police were going to storm the Embassy and arrest him for skipping bail and send him to Sweden where he's wanted to answer to accusation of sexual assault.

Well the Great British public have had their say via their computer mouse clicks.  They oppose storming the Embassy as it would violate all manner of international laws, believe he'd get a fair trial in Sweden were his extradition to go ahead but don't believe he'd get the same if he was shipped to the US to effectively face the death penalty.

I think Mr Assange missed a golden opportunity yesterday.  Surely he has another cable lying around, he should have released it yesterday live on TV while the world media was focused on him.  Oh well, maybe next time.

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