11 Nov 2012

Apple continues to suck

Apple are throwing their weight around again.  If you have itunes or any of their software but don't use their hardware, they don't care about you. Their travails since they unveiled latest iOS are well documented.  The most notable for one for me is the podcast glitch.

The podcasts I produce have not updated on iTunes since Thursday and it being the weekend, I don't have to deal with it until tomorrow.  But some of the podcasts I listen to did not download and synch to my ipod.

Not much of a problem for me as I'm not wed to Apple so I just took the feeds and used Doubletwist.  I was somewhat heartened to learn that users of the much loved Apple Podcasts App were also having problems.  More so when the "genius" told them that they problems can be solved just by purchasing more data.  

So they'll charge you an arm and a leg for a piece of hardware that gets assembled very inexpensively in Asia, invest in an expensive marketing campaign convincing you that you need it but when their products malfunctions because of their incompetence, it's your fault and you should pay more to address it.  

Again Apple fanboys I ask, why? 

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